Salisbury Web Design

Salisbury Web Design professionals Webbed FeetUK have been creating websites and web-based applications for clients since 2001.

The "Salisbury Xmas Dinner - Community Crowdfunding" website features a custom design built from the ground-up to support their charitable goals in supplying Christmas dinners to the lonely and isollated in this difficult times.

Whilst "Salisbury Xmas Dinner - Community Crowdfunding" is a static website without a login area to update content, Webbed Feet UK are happy to take on any job, large or small. In addition to this, Webbed Feet UK specialise in large bespoke websites, Content Management Systems and taking on projects where other developers have failed.

If you're interested in a bespoke website design, content management system or would like to move everything over to us, please get in touch with Webbed FeetUK.