Salisbury Christmas Dinner

Our Goal

Weʼre raising £1,500 to provide and deliver a Christmas Dinner to the lonely and isolated in the Salisbury area.

Christmas turkey with a side of vegetables and a candy cain.

Like we have done before, we will be delivering a Salisbury Community Christmas Dinner, however, things are very different this year compared to anything any of us have ever experienced.

It is likely many people will be isolated and lonely on Christmas Day this year, with potential COVID-19 regulations in place.

It’s also possible that we won’t be able to host an event like we did in 2018 (pictured)

Group of people with christmas dinners.

So we wish to make sure everyone who needs a meal in Salisbury and the surrounding area gets one and is able to see a friendly face from a social distance.

Unlike previous years, we cant accept kind donations of gifts or food, we can only accept electronic donations as we need to ensure everything is safe, due to covid regulations.

Donations will help us to deliver and provide a Christmas meal, giftbag and some essentials to each address.

So please, give generously and help us make a real difference this christmas, nobody knows where we may be in a few months, so we want to be ahead of the game and ensure we can look after local, isolated people.

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We now have enough volunteers! Thank you all for your support.